Our software optimizes the processes of ground handling at commercial airports – from long-term planning and shift allocation to daily operation. After an aircraft has landed, over 200 processes have to be handled before it can take off again. Unforeseen events can quickly lead to failures or delays. Our intelligent systems control tens of thousands of employees every day at various airports around the globe and ensure that all processes are efficiently planned and that resources are used at best.

At Berlin-Schönefeld Airport, for example, our optimization software helps to improve the processes involved in de-icing aircrafts. Heavy snow and ice storms are a challenge for airlines, ground handlers and airports. Therefore, sufficient de-icing vehicles and fluid must be provided to the right aircraft at the right time. Our intelligent software plans and controls all typical de-icing tasks in real time, taking into account a wide variety of factors, such as the availability of resources, driving times or required employee qualifications.