Industrial Logistics

With its systems for plant logistics, INFORM supports a continuous production supply and creates transparency in the supply chain. We support our customers with the complex challenges of material provision, from acquisition to delivery to the assembly line, examine plant traffic and the workload of employees, means of transport and loading points.

With the truck supply control, we support our customer Infraserv Logistics, a subsidiary of Infraserv Höchst Group and operator of the 460 hectare-wide Höchst industrial park in Frankfurt, in managing the logistics for 90 companies located at the site. The chemistry logistics service provider is responsible for the gate processes of around 700 trucks and tankers arriving daily at the South Gate, and handles the logistics for most of the companies in the industrial park. Precise control and efficient handling of the freight vehicles in the shortest possible time is essential, as there are no large waiting areas, and unnecessary waiting times should be avoided due to production.