I appreciate the flexibility Brigitte

Who are you? Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I'm Brigitte, I'm 42 years old and work in quality assurance in the aviation sector. I started at INFORM in 2006 as a student assistant for documentation and customer support. Two years later I was offered a permanent position in support, but I quickly switched to the QA team due to my personal interests. I’ve been developing test procedures for our products there for 11 years now.

What do you particularly like about your job?

The versatility of everyday work and that there is hardly any routine. Every day I look for new ways to make our products even better. To do this, I design test specifications or test cases from defined product requirements, carry them out manually and develop automatic tests for this purpose. Anomalies that come to light during the test must be documented, tracked and rectified. My tasks are very varied – from maintaining test cases, evaluating automatic test results and analyzing abnormalities, to writing test reports. It never gets boring because you always learn new things.

What's the biggest challenge?

Considering all aspects of a requirement holistically and deriving as many test cases as possible from them is probably the greatest challenge. You have to understand exactly what the customer is expecting from our software in order to be able to translate these requirements into suitable test specifications. Because our job is to deliver a good product to the customer and the decision ultimately lies with us, whether the product can be delivered to the customer in its current state of development or whether it still needs improvements.

How did you know that this job could be right for you?

Even when I was studying computer science, I was enthusiastic about software quality issues. In this area I also wrote my diploma thesis at the time. When I got the opportunity to work in quality assurance, I was of course very happy and I felt comfortable there from day one. Right from the start I knew intuitively what was important in quality assurance and had a good feel for where potential errors could happen.

What sets INFORM apart as an employer?

The fact that as an employee you can combine work and family really well. I don't think there are many companies that can do it like INFORM. For example, I really appreciate the flexibility in terms of working hours. I’m a mother – I know what I am talking about. At the time, I didn't hesitate for a moment to bring my children into the company daycare center at the age of six months. They were well looked after there. In addition, INFORM simply pays attention to many little things so that employees feel comfortable. Whether it's sports, yoga classes or massages – there is always the opportunity to relax for a quarter of an hour if necessary. But you can also just have a round of table football with your colleagues – it’s not frowned upon, on the contrary.

How does this affect the working atmosphere?

Very well, of course. The atmosphere here is very friendly anyway, almost familiar. We're all on first name terms, regardless of whether you’re a boss or a student assistant. The hierarchies are very flat. There's also a conscious effort towards team trust. For example, company outings are all about experiencing things together. This is extremely valuable for collaboration.