You never stop learning Max

Who are you and what do you do at INFORM?

My name is Max, I'm 33 years old and I’ve been working in the central IT department at INFORM since 2015. I’m responsible for the central Microsoft infrastructure with two other colleagues. At the same time I’m a trainer in the central department and look after our trainees in the field of IT for system integration.

What motivates you at work?

That I can make my personal contribution to the establishment and smooth operation of the INFORM internal system landscape. In my job, I make sure that my colleagues' work runs smoothly and that collaboration tools, such as e-mail servers, Microsoft Teams or Sharepoint, always work. I support my colleagues with technical challenges, but I’m also involved in exciting projects to further expand and optimize our internal system landscape. Here I can familiarize myself with new trending topics, contribute my own ideas and help determine which technologies we want to use in the future.

What are you currently working on?

Our team is currently working on various internal migration projects and cloud issues to centralize our IT landscape. As of today, the different INFORM areas work with different system landscapes. That should change in the future. Finding a uniform solution approach for the different requirements of the individual areas that is ideal for everyone is of course a challenge. You never stop learning and the fact that I can make a difference and advance the company as a whole is exactly what makes my job so exciting.

What qualities should you have?

Above all, openness and the ability to work in a team. The cliché that an IT employee works alone in a dark office in the basement does not at all correspond with reality. Nobody can handle such extensive tasks and problems in such a large company as INFORM on their own. We usually work in smaller project teams. This means that internal knowledge exchange, joint solution finding and close communication are of course a matter for us. Moreover, you should be open to new challenges and situations and also have fun discovering and using a variety of tools and techniques.

What do you particularly like about your team?

We get along great privately. We also complement each other very well in terms of our personalities like organizational talent, creativity and technical expertise. We always have an open ear for comments, criticism and improvements. Yes, we can have a proper discussion, but problems or differences of opinions are always quickly resolved with us.

What do you say when you talk to friends and family about your work?

Above all, I report on the corporate culture. You can tell at every nook and cranny that INFORM focuses on people. It is not primarily about profit, and the employee is not only seen as a resource. Instead, you deal responsibly with your colleagues. This is not only evident from the fact that there is an open ear for every issue and that individual needs are addressed. Also offers for your own work-life balance, such as the possibility of remote working, numerous health offers, but also the INFORM Academy with its further education offers and language courses, ensure that you simply feel at home here.