Inventory & Supply Chain

Here, it is all about the processes in the supply chain of companies, the management of stock and inventory optimization. Filling a warehouse with goods to the ceiling costs money. It is therefore extremely important to only store the amount of articles required by the customer. We ensure that the shelves in supermarkets, constructions markets, etc. are stocked with the right goods and also help upstream production sites or large central warehouses to optimize their inventory. This enables companies to provide the right article in the right place at the right time.

At our customer Coppenrath & Wiese, we ensure that the right amount of cakes and rolls are always produced at the right time to meet customer needs. This is not an easy task, because the delicious cakes bring many challenges with them. For example, the food items have a limited shelf life and cannot be stored for long. In addition, more cakes are sold than usual at Easter, for example. Production processes are also extremely complex with such a large amount of goods produced. Our software considers many parameters, brings departments together and ensures more security in the processes of the supply chain. Moreover, it ensures that the right goods are in stock and that production is planned in such a way that exact customer needs are met on time.