With the help of our intelligent INFORM software, planning and disposition decisions are optimized in real time. We ensure that all resources are used efficiently in transport and handling processes. This not only increases the revenues and the competitiveness of our customers. At the same time, it ensures that there is no idling and that pollutant emissions are reduced.

In the port of Rotterdam, our software solution is part of the Container Exchange Route (CER). The port consists of five independent deep-sea container terminals. To date, trains, barges and feeder ships have to approach the terminals individually to pick up or deliver containers. The CER, a newly created 17km long ring road, connects all terminals, container depots, distribution centers and customs offices. On the CER, autonomous transportation vehicles will bundle the container flows to enable the fast and smooth exchange of containers in the port. The Capacity and Planning Platform (CAPP) takes care of the intelligent container distribution. With the help of our optimization algorithms, the CAPP decides when which container has to be moved to which place. This increases flexibility, shortens waiting times when exchanging containers and optimizes cost-efficient supply chains. After completion at the end of 2021, the CER is expected to handle more than one million containers per year.