We support our customers in the complex task of production planning. The focus lies on machine and system manufacturers as well as single and small series manufacturers, who usually manufacture in very small quantities, very individually and with a wide variety. This also means that production planning is very multilayered and can hardly be done “by hand” because many external (but also internal) influences can quickly have extreme effects on the processes in production. And this is where our optimization system is used. The software helps production planners to master this mammoth task by automatically and dynamically planning and controlling, so that the products reach the customer on time. Because adherence to schedules is the essential thing in this industry.

Our customers are less known to most end users, but they are big players in their markets and everyone knows their products. What everyone knows beyond the industry is of course the products that are manufactured with these machines, be it coins (Schuler), handkerchiefs (Winkler + Dünnebier), cling film (Reifenhäuser) or Lego bricks (Arburg). All these products are manufactured with machines and systems from our customers who optimize their production with our planning system.