Workforce Management

How do companies manage to deploy their employees in the right number, with the right qualifications, at the right time and in the right place? With our intelligent software for workforce management, we support our customers in the optimal planning of personnel in shift operations.

One of the largest customers in this area is Lufthansa Technik Logistik Services (LTLS). The logistics service provider supplies its customers worldwide with spare parts for aircraft – and this as quickly as possible. This requires an optimal staff planning. Because if anywhere in the world an aircraft is defective and unfit to fly, delays in air traffic, financial losses and dissatisfied customers are the consequence. Our optimization software takes over the precise planning of a total of 1,800 shift employees at various LTLS locations throughout Germany and considers, for example, absences, working time models and skills of the individual employees. The creation of extensive planning tables is history for LTLS; shift and vacation plans can be released at the push of a button and employees can immediately be informed about changes.