I know that I can rely on my colleagues Anne Nicole

Who are you? Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Anne Nicole, I’m 28 years old and have been working in consulting in the area of workforce management since I graduated in Technical Logistics almost three years ago. Here I advise and support our customers in the introduction and daily work with our software solution for personnel deployment planning.

What is the coolest thing about your job?

Certainly the contact with different personalities. We have customers in Singapore, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates and of course in Germany. You will gain insights into the processes and cultures of a wide variety of companies and you will constantly learn how business works in other countries, but also in the different companies within a country. Because you spend a few days at the customer's site approximately every two months, you naturally get to see a lot of the world. In addition, my area of responsibility is very broad – from super technical matters, such as adapting our software to specific customer requirements, to meetings or training courses with the customer, in which interpersonal skills are also required. This balancing act between development topics and project management makes my job very diverse.

What qualities should you have?

The ambition to familiarize yourself with new topics down to the last detail is definitely very helpful. In addition, enthusiasm for understanding complex issues, bringing them to the point and communicating them clearly. Working with different people requires you to be very open with others and to be able to adapt to a wide variety of personalities. Specific programming languages are not required, as our software is based on a language developed in-house. You should be familiar with the concept of programming.

What do you particularly like about your team?

We’re a small, young team of seven people in total. Because the age range between us is relatively small, we’re on the exact same wavelength. We get along great – also on a personal level. In addition, everyone is very committed and is always available to provide support and advice if you have any questions or problems. I just know that I can rely on my colleagues. This also applies beyond the team boundary. The relationship with our division management, who is very close to the projects, is very relaxed and personal. Communication works through spatial proximity – such as at the coffee machine, between offices, very informally. There are few barriers.

How did you know that this job could be right for you?

I didn’t know :-). But through the university I heard from INFORM again and again and noticed that some fellow students had started there. So I figured the company would be quite reasonable. The job advertisement immediately spoke to me, among other things due to the fact that the job didn’t seem to be linked to just one business trip to another. It was important to me personally not to be out and about five days a week. In the end, I'm super happy that I followed my fellow students and ended up at INFORM!

Why would you recommend INFORM to your best friend?

Because you can help shape and influence a lot here, if you want to. The culture at INFORM allows each individual to take on a lot of personal responsibility in his or her job. Because I can contribute my own ideas and design projects freely, I can freely develop personally and also get the chance to actively participate in innovations. Suggestions for improvements are not dismissed according to the motto "We always do it this way". Instead, the team listens to you and discusses your ideas. The friendly working atmosphere and the strong solidarity among colleagues also contribute to the fact that I feel comfortable at INFORM.