Transport Management

Transport Management

The unique requirements and multi-modal nature of transportation in vehicle logistics require an intelligent transport management software system for planning. Specialized software for transport management helps to guarantee that a large number of vehicles arrives at the right location on time.


The special features and multi-modal transportation in car distribution require an intelligent system for optimized planning and controlling vehicle transports. Therefore, transport management software organizes that a large number of vehicles is available on time at the right place.

The intelligent system SYNCROTESS can reduce costs in transport management successfully by paying attention to the demanding and restrictive requirements of the vehicle cargo. A special algorithm takes the complex cargo profiles of different truck types into account and optimizes the loading as well as transport routes.

Additionally, comprehensive fleet and driver management functions are available. These enable the efficient and timely organization of daily tasks and monitor compliance with the maintenance schedule.



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Solution SyncroTESS Features

The intelligent vehicle transport management software specialized in vehicle transport management increases transparency in the daily logistics processes as well as savings in time and costs. The software platform provides an efficient planning of the loading and unloading processes and paves the way to an optimal utilization of transportation means.

  • Efficient Load Building

    Calculation of an optimized dispatch plan with load configuration of vehicles for each truck, rail wagon and vessel.

  • Automated communication

    Web platforms and standard electronic interfaces for fast and smooth communication between all business partners.

  • Real-time information

    Comprehensive overview of the vehicles in the distribution network, individual loadings, means of transport and distances in real-time.

  • Consideration of individual restrictions

    Regional and contractual restrictions can be considered by the vehicle transport management system.


SYNCROTESS enables an optimized vehicle transport management, taking into account all relevant factors. The efficient and timely processing increases the quality and reduces costs. All processes are transparent, fully optimized and standardized.

  • high Transparency

    Capture all data and processes and achieve full transparency of all vehicles – their location, condition and process status.

  • Increased utilization

    Better use of the distribution network through the optimum utilization of existing or new resources.

  • comprehensive evaluations

    Reporting and analysis of Key Performance Indicator metrics are available online and in real-time.

  • cost reductions

    Achieve substantial cost savings through optimized choice of locations, transport routes and service providers.

  • reliable delivery

    Determine the delivery reliably and respond quickly to external influences such as the forces of nature.

  • high quality

    Improve the quality of vehicle distribution and secure your network and customer relationships for the future.


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