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Workshop Optimization Specialized Software Solution for Vehicle Logistics, Pre-Delivery Inspection, Transformation and Refurbishment.


The INFORM Workshop Management and Optimization offers a modular approach to first digitize and then optimize your vehicle processing. This approach brings on average a 20 % efficency increase to your workshop and PDI operation.

Limited Capacity, varying per shift, multiple interdependent task per vehicle and different required qualifications, such as missing spare parts make planning in vehicle processing a very complex task. Appointments and Service-Level-Agreements to the customer shall be met while keeping high efficiency in the workshops.

The workshop optimization software was developed specifically for vehicle logistics - for new such as used cars. It uses artificial intelligence and mathematical algorithms to calculate the optimal process sequence for each vehicle. It maximizes utilization, meets due dates and takes into account capacity bottlenecks in personnel and parts. The planning results are constantly recalculated in real time based on changes that occur in the dynamic operating environment.


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Workshop Optimization is fully integrated with our Yard and Transport Management to ensure optimization and digitalization of the entire supply chain.

  • Higher productivity through automation

    Optimizing the utilization of personnel and equipment leads to more efficient work and less waste of time and resources.

  • Quick adjustment of the system

    Changed contractual conditions - for example, individual requirements depending on the brand or contract - can be changed at short notice by the operations management without the need for IT programming or external intervention.

  • Traceability

    Recorded activity for each process provides both a "live" status and an audit / invoicing trail for every event.

  • Competitive advantage

    Giving you a competitive advantage: Your cost and operational efficiency will be far higher than the competition. On average our customers report an increase of 20%.

  • Maximizing the use of resources

    Shorter lead times by streamlining all processes.

  • Increased employee satisfaction

    Making clear what needs to be done and whether all the materials required are available. If necessary, the software simply adjusts the optimized planning - a relief for your employees!


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