The control of aircraft deicing is often reactive and on very short notice. Lack of communication and cooperation between stakeholders often leads to avoidable delays and inefficiencies. In addition, some of the employees are less experienced than employees in other sectors due to a seasonal business demand. INFORM's integrated deicing solution addresses all challenges linked with aircraft deicing and offers the best support for optimized deicing processes.


If winter weather is hitting hard aircraft deicing is essential for the safety of passengers and crew. Unstable weather, unpredictable capacity of runways, ad hoc deicing requests are among others decisive factors in the planning of optimal deicing schedules. INFORM's deicing solution with its optimization technology ensures for the most efficient deployment of your deicing resources.

The control of all typical work processes for the deicing of aircraft is accurately supported by the solution. Requests can be carried out automatically via a connected interface, or conveniently registered by verbal requests. Besides the scheduling of staff, deicing vehicles and deicing areas are considered in the planning. On the basis of a rule-based specification, the different requirements according to weather conditions, size of aircraft, deicing location and service orders are taken into account.

The timely and swift implementation of aircraft deicing ensures that the airport capacity is guaranteed, even in bad weather. Through the integrated planning process and advanced optimization techniques, INFORM's solution contributes significantly to the achievement of this goal. Simultaneously, the efficient use of available resources by effective planning is ensured. The recording of all relevant process steps through the use of mobile devices, or integration with telematics systems, allows the complete verification of the services performed for evaluations, billing, and complaints management.


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Solution GroundStar Features

INFORM's deicing solution offers you a multitude of features to support your business. Each feature has been developed carefully with our customers and is used daily at airports worldwide.


    The dispatcher is informed in real time, based on continuously updated data, about the current status of resource scheduling and all deicing activities.


    between airlines, service providers, airports and air navigation services providers in order to allow maximum airport throughput under adverse conditions.


    The solution determines and continuously updates the activities to be carried out. The foundation is an accurate rule-based specification of all relevant service types such as gate, remote and early deicing as well as quality control and refill tasks. Factors such as weather conditions, planned departure sequences and taxi times to the remote deicing areas are considered in the scheduling.


    The solution supports decisions about employee scheduling in the conflicting goals between cost-effective service and high-quality service. Through the use of the system, the competence and responsibility of the dispatchers can be increased, so that a dispatcher plans and effectively controls larger groups of staff.


    All job-related activities will be transmitted in real time to the employees via tablets and smartphones. The employees record the work progress online and log possible faults in the process. The telemetry data from the vehicles allow the transmission of process times and consumption.


    Recording of all relevant process steps for the purpose of evaluation, billing and complaint management.


The timely and swift implementation of aircraft deicing ensures that airport capacity remains guaranteed, even in poor weather conditions. Due to the integrated planning process and advanced optimization techniques, GroundStar contributes significantly to achieving this objective.

  • Management by Exception

  • Collaborative Decision Making

  • Reduced manual effort

  • Fewer deicing delays

  • Optimized resource utilization

  • Improved communication


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