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Bringing together a small-sized fleet with the optimized resource allocation is the key to success for efficient GSE Management. The pressure on ground handling is increasing steadily and agreed service levels must be fulfilled while keeping compliance with safety regulations for the employees. Effective GSE Management builds on detailed information to efficiently control and manage the available resources. INFORM's GSE Management solution combines traditional fleet management with resource-based fleet management and delivers a high level of transparency.


INFORM's GSE Management solution provides information which goes far beyond the location of vehicles and their status. Its AirportMap includes all required equipment information on vehicles ranging from dollies to high loaders in real time. Comprehensive filter functions and color codings make it easy to get a quick overview of the actual situation regardless of the number of devices.

Reliable planning of maintenance intervals in advance minimizes unforeseen equipment unavailability. Daily operation data is stored in the system and can be used for individual reports and further planning to optimize processes and resources.


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Solution GroundStar Features

Due to its flexibility regarding hardware and software the solution can be easily adapted to customer needs. As a part of a software suite it offers the opportunity to be easily integrated with INFORM's Resource Management System.


    GroundStar provides the user with real-time information on position, operational status and condition information that is being gathered from each GSE.


    A high ergonomic and well-designed AirportMap visualizes all relevant data in its geographical context.


    The system supports automatic maintenance prediction based on operating hours.


    GroundStar provides a seamless process from detection of GSE disturbances to troubleshooting.


    The system is completely integrated with INFORM's Resource Management System and allows an automatic creation or progress of a task as well as the consideration of the actual GSE position for all optimization processes.


    All relevant telemetry information is being recorded. This enables a complete verification of efficiency, utilization and complaint management.


The combination of traditional fleet management and optimized resource management leads to a more efficient fleet management. This results in numerous cost-based and operational benefits:

  • Reduction of fleet size

  • Optimized GSE utilization

  • Less maintenance costs

  • Better quality of service

  • Reliable planning

  • Cost reduction


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