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INFORM will be attending the GSE Expo Europe from September 13 to 15 in Paris Le Bourget, France.

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We are looking forward to meeting you in person at the INFORM booth #B70. There, we will present how GroundStar provides robust planning and optimized decision-making support for your operational success. Explore together with our aviation experts how smart algorithms optimize a blended workforce of personnel and autonomous Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the terminal and on the apron. Learn how our Airport and GSE Management Solution integrates optimized resource management with fleet management and the use of telemetry data to give users a higher level of transparency, sustainability, and cost savings.

On this page, you will find an overview of some of the highlights waiting for you at our booth and that of our partners, HiSERV and COBUS Industries.


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Integrated GSE Solution

"Data is the new gold," As we know, gold lies hidden in the stones and must first be extracted and refined from its ore before becoming a product that radiates the right value. It is similar with GSE data. Much of the available data is provided by ground support equipment manufacturers. However, all this data needs to be properly processed to extract high qualitative information.

That is why we at INFORM are working in collaboration with leading GSE manufacturers, COBUS Industries and HiSERV to develop an integrated solution. Once the data is collected by our partners, GroundStar´s tools and services facilitate data integration, data visualization, and the forecasting of critical situations to create a foundation for data-driven operational and strategic decision-making.

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Smart GSE

Smart GSE Leverage the full power of telemetry data provided by ground support devices

On daily basis, aviation entities are faced with different types of data such as data related to mobile and immobile resources, and motorized and non-motorized ground handling equipment. Working with different technologies and different data sources can make the process of data evaluation challenging.

Our Smart GSE solution analyzes the data coming from a variety of streams including flight, task and/or employee information. Data evaluation takes place based on a set of rules triggering alarms and alerts when attention is required. The data is represented in statistics to project a complete picture of GSE usage.

The results of the analysis can be made available to a wide variety of users, and in several configurations. As a result, working times are reduced, equipment can be used more evenly, and downtime is minimized by proactive maintenance control.

This kind of application will be presented at the booth of our cooperation partner, HiSERV - #EX17. There, you can see how GroundStar evaluates and processes the data and which data can be obtained, for example, from non-motorized devices (load detection of dollies).

Green Optimization

Green Optimization Using data as a driver for more sustainable ground operations

Currently, there is a great focus on sustainability in aviation. Many manufacturers offer ground handling equipment that is powered by sustainable energy (electric, hybrid, fuel-cell vehicles). The benefits of these technologies can be measured in terms of reduced CO2 emissions and operational and maintenance cost savings. As further research on sustainable energy sources is conducted, we can expect that the transition from diesel-powered to greener GSE will start taking place gradually. There are several examples of airports where mixed ground fleets come into play. This model is likely to expand in the next few years. Measuring sustainability efforts is crucial to benchmarking a company’s goal attainment. Telemetry data helps to determine the CO2 footprint of a single vehicle or a whole fleet. INFORM’s Green Optimization solution goes one step further. We analyze how the entire fleet can be used as efficiently as possible based on variables like vehicle planning and availability, charging times, planning of charging points, as well as environmental conditions.

For the analyses of real consumption values, INFORM provides additional support with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to evaluate sustainability factors independent of manufacturer specifications and other variables such as climate and battery age. The fleet can be used optimally and sustainably as the software takes into account both planned and current operations.

You can take a glimpse into this application at the booth of our cooperation partner, COBUS Industries - #EX16. There you can see how GroundStar evaluates the data of a bus and optimally integrates it into the deployment planning. Furthermore, aspects from the Smart GSE area will also be demonstrated there.

Autonomous GSE

Autonomous GSE Autonomous vehicles to address labor shortages

Automation systems are no longer a futuristic concept. Aviation entities around the world are getting attracted by autonomous GSE vehicles as they may be the answer to current capacity challenges. In fact, they can play an important role in both supporting staff and addressing labor-related shortfalls. The trend to use this technology in ground operations is likely to continue growing. The challenge will be to effectively manage a blended workforce of autonomous vehicles and human resources. Optimization software is at the forefront in addressing this challenge.

In the field, we are collaborating closely with partners who provide a wide range of autonomous GSEs. They include indoor devices such as autonomous driving wheelchairs from the company Whill Inc., to multi-platform devices that can be used in different areas (e.g., cargo or luggage handling). By incorporating telematics, INFORM´s software delivers increased situational awareness and data transparency, with critical information accessible to the right staff, at the right time.

As the safety requirements at the trade fair are extremely high and the external conditions are different from those on the apron, this application cannot be presented. However, we will be happy to advise on this at our own booth.

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» With INFORM, we have a highly qualified partner who evaluates our data on electromobility in a meaningful way. Their software solution makes the telemetry data of our buses transparent which, in turn, helps drive better decision making.«

Patricia Vasconcelos
COBUS Industries GmbH

» INFORM leverages the data from our entire fleet, giving us a clear overview of our fleet’s status around the world. We are particularly pleased that we can also share this valuable information with our customers, enhancing our overall customer service.«

Roland Ückert
General Manager

» Data is the new gold, but only if you use the data effectively. We analyze the data from our partners in order to integrate the vehicle fleet more efficiently and sustainably in our dispatching

Alexander Wendorff
Solution Manager


Why GroundStar

GroundStar is the most comprehensive software suite currently available for optimizing aviation processes. It covers a wide range of solutions including Ground Handling, Airport Operations, and Hub and Turnaround Management. GroundStar customers run their operations smoothly and cost-effectively while improving punctuality and passenger satisfaction at the same time.

With over 200 installations in over 170 airports worldwide, INFORM has proven its ability to innovate effectively and long-term.

  • Increased productivity and reduced costs

  • Comprehensive control of resources

  • Full transparency of the processes

  • Intelligent optimizer

  • Modular and highly scalable

  • Fast communication of decisions and results

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