With us, it's "we" that counts Guy Paulin Heugna

Where, for you, does Inform score as an employer?

It's very simple: I feel very comfortable here. The social aspects, the people, the flexibility with the work - I see that all as one unit. I am able to develop and do precisely what I want. And I am lucky that at inform, I was able to fulfill my dreams when it comes to family. My wife works here too. And thanks to the Inform nursery, it was easy for us to bring children and work under one roof.

You come from Cameroon. Your mother tongue is French. How have you settled in at Inform?

That was not too complicated. I have never felt like an outsider. In my division, I work alongside people from Vietnam, from China, from all over the world. I find that very multi-cultural. It gives us a lot to laugh about, because the various cultures are of course always good for a joke or two. It's fantastic to learn from each other.

You work in Support and you and your team must be available around the clock to take calls from all over the world. That certainly sounds stressful...

The on-call service is demanding: seven days, 24 hours. Sometimes I work through the night, because customers in Mexico, America or Australia require assistance. And here's the best bit: In our team, most people talk about "we", not "I". We are a team of six and look after around 80 customers. We help each other, regardless of what time it is. So I feel I have back-up at all times.

And if something goes wrong?

Sure, that happens. My division looks after the logistics in major ports, where thousands of containers are moved at the same time. If something goes wrong, nobody points the finger at you. Instead, everyone works towards solving the problem. So nobody tries to cover up when something has been botched. I think this is what sets our working atmosphere apart.

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