No two days are alike Halyna

What inspires you to work at Inform?

Well, we produce software which combats fraud. So you are actually helping someone. Even at work, you can say to yourself: I am doing something really important. This is what actually motivates me every day, because it involves a lot of responsibility.

Responsibility towards who?

To the customer. But also to my colleagues and to myself. That motivates me. Because it also makes me creative. Even if you make a mistake, you can learn from it. Suggestions for improvement are not dismissed by saying: "We always do it like this". Instead, the team listens to you and discusses your ideas.

There are people from all corners of the globe in your team. You yourself are from Ukraine. How does it all work?

You are required to be very open with everyone. In my department, there are people from Columbia, Poland, Spain, Malaysia and Germany, of course. The great thing is that you continuously develop as a result. And many of us also have different technical backgrounds. They are developers, IT specialists, business administrators, engineers. That makes everything very diverse.

You used to work in a similar field in a bank. What is the difference?

New challenges arise all the time. From the high number of customer visits, for example. You constantly learn about business procedures in other countries. And there is no working by the book. The job is a little different every day.

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