Everyone can organize Kohan

As a team leader, how would you describe the leadership culture at Inform?

We don't adopt a leadership by "instruction" principle. The managers across all hierarchical levels believe in supporting their teams so they are able to act independently. I make suggestions, but let each and every individual decide how they want to do their job. They can organize their own work, that's the key.

What experiences have you had with this style of leadership?

We encourage everyone to do their job with a great deal of autonomy. This is also required of them. At the same time, we grant a high degree of freedom. Freedom and autonomy go hand-in-hand.

How is this demonstrated in daily life?

In many small things. In our mistake culture, for example: Mistakes are allowed. They sometimes move a project forward more quickly than if everything is anticipated and safeguarded. Mistakes give rise to new ideas and concepts. This is also reflected in our communication, which is very informal through spatial proximity - such as at the coffee machine, and between offices. So there are few barriers.

What motivates you in your work?

Ultimately, I am motivated by success. Work is fun when the results are good. That's a given at Inform. The pioneering spirit in our company also motivates me. In the "Risk and Fraud" Division, we move in the world of cyber crime. We develop technologies to prevent fraud. That's a bit like playing cops and robbers. You have to be right behind the robber, or be able to anticipate their new strategy. It is the combination of imagination and technical knowledge required for this job that stimulates me.

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