I manage knowledge! Nancy

What is the greatest challenge in your job?

To do something that has not been done before. As technical editor, I am responsible for collecting and collating the knowledge of the employees. I provide a kind of transfer service: For example, I grab the software architects and record their highly technical knowledge, either verbal or in writing. I then bring it to an understandable level so that everyone in the team knows what it's about. So everyone learns about the background to the software.

How does that work in daily working life?

The challenging thing is implementation. And the deliberation over which media I use for which topic. As an example, I produce video tutorials for algorithmic topics. We used to use a huge amount of text to explain things. Now, I make short 20-second animated films containing numerous small graphics, which get the point across quickly.

Working at Inform is...

...challenging, but relaxed. My team is small, the offices are next to one another. Although we are often under pressure, we are rarely rushed.. It's sometimes almost like a family. We're all on first name terms. Even the boss. This was a real eye opener for me:  At the welcoming events for new employees, my boss introduced the company. And he stood there in jeans and t-shirt. That is not necessarily the case with other companies. I was surprised at first. But I felt accepted straightaway and the atmosphere is informal and friendly.

Why is informality and friendliness important?

It’s not really a case of informality per se. But informality and friendliness ensures there are no obstacles to talking to each other and it helps with generating new ideas. Essentially, people and their ideas are on an equal footing. Everyone’s opinion counts. Someone with something to say is heard - without having to struggle through various hierarchical levels. If I want to see the boss, I just go. I find this a huge advantage in this company.

Does that really work in practice? What happens if you mess something up?

Mistakes are allowed! Perhaps even desirable. In the context of work processes mistakes are even necessary, to ensure continuous improvement.. You have to be responsible, of course, but you don't get your head ripped off if you make a mistake. On the contrary, when the matter is serious you notice how everyone seeks new solutions together. We learn from our mistakes, that's why they happen. This is actually another aspect of my job, in managing knowledge. It's about "failure knowledge".

What motivates you the most

Lots of things. Responsibility plays a very important role. Here, everyone is responsible for themselves, from the flexible working hours to the working results. This motivates me a lot, you feel good when someone shows confidence in you. I am grateful for that. We are offered a huge amount of flexibility. If you don't have fixed appointments for which you really need to be on site, you can arrange your work completely as you like, both in terms of location and timing.

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