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groundstar Connect

INFORM ‘s GroundStart (GS) Connect module helps airlines reduce the number of passengers and baggage that might miss their connecting flights. 

By analyzing actual flight and transfer information, the system generates proactive connection status suggestions for each passenger and baggage piece, alerting and highlighting critical or potentially missed connections for easy identification by the user. Feasibility of each connection is assessed via calculation of transfer times based on travel network and travel speed assumptions. Potential bottlenecks such as bus transfers, security, or immigration controls are taken into account to produce an accurate estimate. 

Multiple decision support options, such as analysis and gate change recommendations to reduce transfer times or dispatching of meet & greet personnel, can be accessed and implemented to assist passengers in meeting their connections.

This demo clip provides a glimpse into the capabilities of the module based on a selected use-case. example. Please fill out the form below or send us an email to access the full recording.

GS Connect

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