Cemtech Live Webinar

Cemtech Live Webinar



The ‘digitalisation’ of the cement manufacturing process is advancing at a rapid pace as new technologies allow the industry to make the paradigm shift to Industry 4.0. In this special two-part webinar series, Cemtech Live presents many of the technology providers working at the cutting edge of this innovative space. Explore new technologies through case studies that demonstrate the application of digital solutions across the whole cement manufacturing process, boosting productivity and efficiency as well as reducing costs and environmental impact. Learn how Artificial Intelligence has been successfully integrated into plant operations, from quarry and plant to cement distribution and road logistics.

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  1. 14:00-17:00 (CET)

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Listen to Karsten Horn

Listen to Karsten Horn, Senior Manager Business Development at INFORM's Logistic Division. He will be presenting at the Cemtech Live Webinar.

Topic: How AI is Driving Workforce Management in the Cement Industry

With nearly 25 years in IT and logistics, Karsten knows that digital transformation is a journey, not a destination. In his current role at INFORM, he has found a unique way for cement and ready-mix producers to embark onto the road to AI and net-zero in logistics.

As a co-host of INFORM’s webinar series “Logistics Tech Shorts”, his supply chain expertise is frequently tapped by industry media and associations seeking to provide a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas to their audiences.

Meet an optimization specialist


Senior consultants from INFORM's Logistics Division will be attending the Webinar. They are available for conversations throughout the Cemtech Live Webinar.

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