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The Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt will once again host the GATE FUTURE. On March 30, you will have the opportunity to meet representatives from local airports. Keynote presentations and workshops will enable you to catch up on the industry’s latest trends and challenges.

On that Thursday, at 15:00 (CET), INFORM Aviation´s Solution Manager Alexander Wendorff will host a workshop in cooperation with Wolfgang Fasching, Head of Sales and Head of Austrian Branch Office at HiServ. In this workshop, titled "Smart GSE – The New Holistic Optimization Approach" you will learn how smart ground support equipment (GSE) combined with AI-driven optimization software will deliver powerful benefits and help you achieve your company’s goals.

Through equipment pooling which will enable you to reduce your equipment needs, you can lower your costs while simultaneously decreasing your CO2 emissions.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to advance your company’s resource management, cost-containment and sustainability goals.

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  1. Hotel Steigenberger am Kanzleramt

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