Join Dr. Fraud to Sharpen your Medical Billing and Telemedicine Fraud Prevention Skills

Join Dr. Fraud to Sharpen your Medical Billing and Telemedicine Fraud Prevention Skills



In this Fraud Talk we provide best practice tips designed to help prevent medical billing and telemedicine fraud.

Join J. Michael Skiba, Ph.D., (also known as “Dr. Fraud”) and Joost Kersten, Head of the insurance division, when they share insights and provide practical strategies for identifying and mitigating these pervasive fraud tactics.

You will learn about:

  • An effective two-prong approach to achieve high-focused fraud prevention,
  • Tiers for medical billing fraud strategies,
  • The rise in telemedicine fraud and how to reduce one’s risk., and
  • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence driven platforms are being used to successfully fight medical billing and telemedicine fraud.

This Fraud Talk is free to anyone involved in overseeing and managing their company’s fraud detection and prevention operations. Please feel free to share this invitation with appropriate colleagues who too will benefit from the information conveyed.

We look forward to your participation.


Details Join Dr. Fraud to Sharpen your Medical Billing and Telemedicine Fraud Prevention Skills


Joost Kersten is INFORM’s Head of Insurance for the Risk & Fraud Division. Together with his team of experts he works to provide insurance customers the best claim process automation and fraud detection solution. Joost has over 28 years of experience in the investigative world both in government and in the insurance industry. He provides consultancy on a global scale for INFORM’s insurance customers, combining knowledge from the business with the outcome of INFORM’s powerful RiskShield solution. In this way, Joost is able to make the connection between the human factor and results provided by technology.

Dr. J. Michael Skiba ("Dr. Fraud") worked in the insurance fraud industry (Allstate and Interboro) for 22 years before taking on his current role as Vice President of International Counter Fraud Strategies at INFORM, an international fraud solutions company. He has also been a professor for 15 years and is currently Program Chair of Criminal Justice at Colorado State University Global Campus. He is an international speaker and regular publisher on insurance fraud and holds an MBA and a PhD with a concentration on economic crime. He is also an instructor for the U.S. ATF and manages the website, where he blogs about fraud related topics and has an active “Ask Dr. Fraud” YouTube channel. He is an author and recently published a groundbreaking book entitled “The Psychology of Fraud”.

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