Logistics Tech Short: RTP – Returnable But Not Sustainable?

Logistics Tech Short: RTP – Returnable But Not Sustainable?



Logistics Tech Shorts - a series of 20-minute webinars on optimization technology in the logistics industry. Designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, Logistic Tech Shorts deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today.

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Details Logistics Tech Short: RTP – Returnable But Not Sustainable?


Whether they’re made of plastic, wood, or metal - Returnable Transport Packaging (RTPs) are an integral part of many supply chains and industries, including food and automotive.

Compared to traditional single-trip packaging, RTPs often provide significant long-term savings and have a positive impact on your environmental footprint.

However, with raised awareness for sustainability and stricter regulations, the road to net-zero carbon emissions in the pooling cycle requires more efforts than just buying software to manage and control your assets.

You'll Learn

In this Logistics Tech Short we’ll explore what operators of a larger RTP pool can do to reduce costs and carbon footprint along their pooling cycle. You'll learn:

  1. More about the complexity of sustainable asset pooling.
  2. Why a traditional “security of supply” mindset is bad for the environment.
  3. The scale of impact that individual decisions have on your pooling performance.
  4. What algorithms can do to optimize the planning quality and environmental performance of your pooled assets.
  5. How to improve the financial and environmental bottom line of your pooling strategy.

Date & Registration

Mar 31, 2020

10:00 (London), 11:00 (Berlin/Rome)

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This webinar is brought to you by Jennifer Stead.

As Business Development Manager within the logistics division of INFORM she supports companies in driving the performance of their packaging and container management.

Jennifer holds a master’s degree in business administration and has extensive experience of over ten years working for INFORM.

Recordings of previous webinars can be found here: logisticstech.pro/ondemand


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