A Win-Win: Pushing your Sortation System Further


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Driving return on investment (ROI), optimization, milking assets, etc. – there are many ways to describe a parcel operator’s need to generate revenue above cost for asset investments. This includes both software and hardware investments. This paper will explore how parcel operators can increase the efficiency and subsequently the handling capacity of their sortation systems without changing anything in their sorter but rather through the optimized allocation of load units to unloading docks via their yard management system (YMS).

This paper summarizes a simulation run by INFORM where we sought to explore the flow-on possibilities of improved yard management system decision making. We found that, with minimal effort, parcel operators can generate tremendous value from improvements in their sortation system without modifying the asset, but rather by allowing a YMS empowered with AI to make better overall routing decisions that strongly considered the impact on the peripheral sortation system.

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