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Terminals are looking to have more information gathered for their operations using AI, recognising patterns. It is key data that can be automated, and it is getting easier for industry to develop this so many organizations are investing heavily into this. With the use of AI-driven models’ users can look deeper into their operations and more accurately plan equipment deployment. AI provides improved situational awareness of port operations…


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In this Webinar we’ll explore how AI and Machine Learning fit together.

  • What a screw and data have in common.
  • Why day matters.
  • Which opportunities for Machine Learning exist in container terminals.



Speeding-up and optimizing the decision-making processes in terminal operations is the focus of Dr. Eva Savelsberg. As Senior Vice President of INFORM’s Logistics Division, she specializes in Agile Optimization Software which renders a wide range of business processes more productive, agile and reliable, including processes for maritime and inland ports as well as distribution centers.



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Watch the full video now.

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