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Hermes Logistics Group manages all yard logistics at their new hub in Hückelhoven using the yard management system SyncroTESS. The software coordinates the entire process for incoming and despatched goods and so takes care of the handling of up to 50 million deliveries each year, making sure that they find their way to the customer in good time.

The way to the customer – for the logistics service provider, the key to success lies within this route. Just as ordering quickly and conveniently with a single mouse-click over the internet is a matter of course for the customer, so too is the economical, speedy and problem-free delivery of the item they have ordered. Hermes Logistics Group (HLG) also faces up to that demand. With over 250 million deliveries per year the company is one of the biggest parcel service providers in Germany. Alongside parcels, the logistics all-rounder also transports furniture and electrical goods, among others. In the delivery of goods, logistics services play an important role for Hermes, as customer satisfaction is one of the most important factors in order to be able to stand up against competition. For this reason the company is anxious to achieve an efficient logistics process right where the road to the customer begins – in the parcel sorting centres.

Modern technology for seamless logistics
Hermes operates five such hub sites in Germany. The newest was opened by the logistics provider in Hückelhoven in October 2007. Over an area of 12,000m2, at the so-called West Hub, 145 employees handle over 50 million parcels a year. Hermes receive a large proportion of the incoming deliveries at Hückelhoven from the teleshopping company QVC, whose distribution centre is in the immediate proximity and forwards goods directly to the sorting centre via a conveyor bridge. Two fully automatic parcel sorters, a small item sorter as well as 85 spiral and sorting chutes process up to 28,000 deliveries an hour. Hermes load the deliveries into special containers for transportation, known as swap bodies, of which around 300 arrive at or leave the West Hub on HGVs every day. Within the Hub grounds, four on-site vehicles are responsible for transporting the loading units to one of the 114 loading bays of the sorting centre, where they are then loaded or unloaded.For the majority of the goods handled at the hub, the transport logistics are, alongside the highly modern sorting methods, of particular importance. For this reason, Hermes uses the yard management system SyncroTESS, designed by the Aachen IT systems company INFORM. The software coordinates the entire process of the incoming and despatched goods.

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