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Building on the successes from the 2019 Millennials in Maritime (MiM19) panel, we’re back this year with an in-depth and focused look at Millennial’s take on working in maritime. This is a must attend session for any company looking to hire, integrate, and retain Millennials into their teams.

To explore this topic, INFORM has put together a multifaceted, multigender millennial panel to weigh-in on the social issues of today and debate the Millennial’s view of tomorrow. In short, millennials are now a central part of the world’s workforce and their approach to work and broader social issues will come to define how companies act in the coming decade.


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Robin Audenaerdt, Audenaerdt Project Management


  1. Beth Maundrill, Port Technology, The Journo
  2. Marcin Kamola, DCT Gdansk, The Operator
  3. Matthew Wittemeier, INFORM, The Supplier
  4. Sahar Lemanczyk, The Consultant



Watch the full video online.

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Watch the full video online.

Watch Online

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