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VW Mexico realized their vision for a highly integrated approach to vehicle distribution logistics by coordinating production and import/export volumes into a highly efficient process using SYNCROTESS from INFORM GmbH.

INFORM’s SyncroTESS Vehicle Distribution software controls the transport logistics of the vehicles handled in Mexico for the global market. This includes vehicles produced in Puebla as well as cars mported from other locations around the world. The most efficient transport planning possible is crucial to ensure that each car reaches the right dealer in the right country at the right time and with minimized costs.

"In the past, we had a number of different yard management systems from our logistics providers. These systems only collected data, and did not organize our workflows. SyncroTESS provides us with a system with which we can optimize all processes centrally in real-time, and simultaneously synchronize these throughout the entire supply chain. We have thus been able to realize our idea of a highly integrated approach."
Björn Beckmann, responsible for logistics planning at Volkswagen de México

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