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According to a famous postcard slogan, "A ship that is in the harbor is safe, but that is not what it was built for." The more than 3,500 employees of MEYER WERFT know what it means to build a stormproof ship. It takes around three years to complete a project and more than twelve months to build and test a ship like this, which is over 300 meters long and can accommodate more than 3,000 passengers.

Every day, shipbuilding requires about 1,500 internal material transports. These are handled by 175 employees in the intralogistics department. The intelligent transport control system SYNCROTESS has been in use for internal transport since 2004. As part of a modernization project, this was upgraded to the latest version in 2021 and has since been optimizing not only transport orders but also the planning and control of the entire intralogistics.

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