Workforce Management: Are We Using the Right Tools?

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Algorithms are a major efficiency driver for logistics assets in the building materials industry. But many producers still lose traction when it comes to create optimal shift schedules for their human assets. They still use old technology that is neither suited to synchronize the competing interest of employee needs and operational objectives, nor provide the planning comfort or intuitive logic of the latest workforce management tools. This often results in expensive overtime, non-productive idle times, lower employee morale, poor customer service, and, worst case, loss of production.


In this Logistics Tech Short, we’ll explore latest developments and technology in workforce management and discuss how they can be applied in the building materials industry.


You'll learn

  1. The basic technology behind the latest workforce management tools.
  2. The pros and cons of centralized scheduling.
  3. Why traditional rotating shifts do not cater for the shifting needs of a younger workforce generation.
  4. How to implement a fair and consistent vacation policy that meets employee needs and will keep things running.
  5. How to automate working time evaluation and reduce payroll errors.


Logistics Tech Shorts - a series of 20-minute webinars on optimization technology in the logistics industry. Designed to stimulate and challenge your thinking on how technology impacts logistics in the modern age, Logistic Tech Shorts deliver a blend of big picture thinking with practical ideas you can apply today.


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