It’s a simple equation:

Every pound saved from a truck’s tare or curb weight is a pound gained in payload. Pushing the limits of what your vehicle can handle is an engineering challenge that can be fun and rewarding.

But #CHALLENGE YOUR PAYLOAD is not about lighter chassis. And it is not about a few pounds extra. It is about the smartest-working algorithms around that do incredibly complex, time-critical calculations with ease – moving more payloads with fewer trucks for you each day.

Time for smarter moves? Then #CHALLENGE YOUR PAYLOAD and sign-up for a chance to receive a FREE simulation package, generally worth $50k to $100k.

Cement, ready-mix, aggregates, and asphalt producers who accepted the challenge typically achieve

  • a cut in logistics unit costs by 7 to 20 %
  • a shrink in truck fleet size by 10 to 30 %,
  • a drop in empty mileage by almost 9 %,
  •  a gain in loads/truck/day by up to 30 %.

 The challenge is FREE – so what’s your excuse?


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Dirk Schlemper
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It just takes three steps to #CHALLENGE YOUR PAYLOAD.

  • The First Move

    Fill in the entry form below. One of our optimization experts will contact you shortly afterwards to discuss your challenges and to assess your chances.

  • Challenge Accepted

    Once accepted, you’ll give us real-world data of a recent transport plan. Three days are sufficient, but they should be a good mix of all operational scenarios: a busy day, a typical day, and a quiet day. We’ll feed our algorithms with it and let them come up with an optimized delivery schedule and fleet configuration.

  • Get the Results

    You’ll receive a side-by-side comparison “Manual vs Algorithms” showing all relevant logistics KPIs. Together with you we establish their monetary equivalent to reveal the true champion.

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