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  • Train Load Optimizer

    Train Load Optimizer plans and updates the stowing of outbound trains while improving slot utilization and business objectives and practices.

    Better all-around performance

    • Maximized train/slot utilization
    • Real-time re-optimization of load plan and adjustment to situation changes
    • Adherence to rail car, axle, trailing load, center of gravity and hazardous good rules/restrictions
    • Minimized yard re-handling, loading distance, and pin configuration changes
    • Supports single and double stacked trains.
  • Crane Optimizer

    Crane Optimizer increases crane productivity by reducing travel and equipment interferences as well as leveraging double-cycling moves when suitable

    Minimized travel and improved service quality

    • Simultaneous, real-time optimization of all equipment and jobs
    • Optimized crane routing
    • Reduced crane idle times
    • Execution of jobs within their accepted time windows
    • Double-cycling proposed when resonable
    • Dynamic crane working areas
    • Integration of positioning and safety systems
    • Optimization of all crane equipment types and operational mode (manual, semi-and fully automated).
  • Vehicle Optimizer

    Vehicle Optimizer increases vehicle utilization across all equipment types while reducing travel and lowering maintenance costs.

    Increased vehicle utilization and reduced travel

    • SImultaneous real-time optimization of all equipment and jobs
    • Reduced idle-time of equipment
    • Execution of jobs within their accepted time windows
    • Combines jobs where possible for enhanced productivity
    • Pooling and/or gang functionality
    • Integration of positoning and safety systems
    • Optimization of all vehicle equipment types and operational mode (manual, semi-and fully automated).

  • Rail Scheduler

    Rail Scheduler increases rail crane and yard vehicle productivity while improving the utilization of transfer points at your rail area helping to facilitate automation.

    Improved crane productivity and transfer point utilization

    • Optimized crane productivity by looking ahead to the next few hours and considering productivities and constraints from yard resources
    • Improved rail transfer zone utilization
    • Observance of ETD leading to high percentage of on-time departures
    • Real-time optimization of executable jobs
    • Dynamic adjustment according to actual job progress.
  • Time Slot Management

    Time Slot Management shortens external truck queues and traffic while alleviating gate congestion through optimized arrival time slot allocations.

    Shorter queues for improved turnaround

    • Intelligent external time slot booking system
    • Clear communication of allocated gate arrival time
    • Minimized gate wait times and significant decrease in bottlenecks
    • Dynamic real-time monitoring and automatic schedule adjustment.
  • Truck Scheduler

    Truck Scheduler shortens external truck on premise turnaround times through an optimized sequencing and allocation of transfer points.

    Shorter on-premise turnaround times

    • Optimized selection and sequencing of transfer points
    • Avoidance of potential congestion along routes
    • Integration of gate automation (OCR) technologies
    • Standardized gate processes improves information accuracy and flow.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning improves the accuracy of operational data used for real-time operational decision-making and long-term strategic management planning.

    Better input data accuracy

    • Improved optimization capabilities
    • Better overall data quality for long-term strategic planning and real-time decisions
    • Improved automated terminal performance and storage area utilization
    • Minimized load unit rehandles
    • Improved equipment maintenance schedules.
  • Yard Optimizer

    Yard Optimizer provides an optimized yard allocation for load units to reduce rehandles as well as improve resource and storage area utilization.

    Improved utilization and transparency

    • Efficient storage area and resource utilization
    • Optimized housekeeping moves if desired during off-peak hours
    • Minimized load unit rehandles
    • Balance between scattered stacking and targeted stacking functionality
    • Improved stack height potential
    • Real-time knowledge of all load unit positions
    • Optimization of all yard types.

Selected Success Stories and References

HHLA Rail Optimization at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA)

For container terminals, running out of space is a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) was built to handle approximately 790,000 TEU on its rail terminal. In 2013, CTA had already handled 813,000 TEU making the facility the largest of its kind in Europe. Increasing capacity was only the beginning of the rail terminal’s challenge; they also had to consider additional constraints.


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Samskip Setting the New Standard for Intermodal Terminal Operations

Upgrading to a new TOS is a major project and an ambitious undertaking for any terminal operator. After all requirements were specified, a roadmap was outlined that ensured a smooth transition from the old to the new system. In March 2018, the go-live was successfully completed. What Samskip got was not only a full-blown, state-of-the-art TOS, but a TOS with optimization modules powered by algorithms.


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