Yard Management Made Smart Meet the AI Empowered YMS



Learn what role AI has to play in post and parcel center operations.


To Boldly

What role will humans play in the future of maritime terminal operations.


ROI and
Your YMS

Is your YMS a "nice-to-have" tool or an investment in your business?


Takeaways (3)

Post and Parcel: Tech Talk - Emerging Tech
Press Review
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Swiss Post Expands Yard Management Solutions
Success Story
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Postal Technology: Yard champions
Press Review
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Events (1)

YMS at Hermes

Learn how one man empowered by our AI YMS manages his entire yard.

Watch Now

Post & Parcel

A powerful yard management system customized for the post and parcel industry.

Learn More

Watch Dr. Ulrich Dorndorf, Chief Technology Officer at INFORM, takes you through quick, easy-to-digest overviews of AI technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning (ML)

Operations Research vs AI

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