Excellent vehicle logistics with INFORM software

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Irish vehicle distributor NVD received the Automotive Logistics Award for a project based on the SyncroTESS new vehicle logistics system.

INFORM Software proved to be an essential component of a project that received the Automotive Logistics Award. The Irish vehicle distributor National Vehicle Distribution (NVD) has been organizing new vehicle transports for the car manufacturer Nissan since 2017 from the production plant in Sunderland, England, to car dealers in Ireland. NVD uses INFORM’s SyncroTESS software to plan and control the entire supply chain.

In June 2018, NVD received the Automotive Logistics Award in the Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL) High Performance category for this project. The panel of judges, made up of leading representatives from the industry, praised the innovative way in which NVD carries out all vehicle deliveries for Nissan on schedule and with short lead times. The trade journal Automotive Logistics presents the renowned award once a year. The jury of experts awards prizes in 14 categories for outstanding projects in the field of vehicle logistics.


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