Hermle AG optimizes its internal transport operations in the cloud without high investment costs

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The machining center manufacturer was able to create far more efficient and transparent internal logistics processes by introducing the transport management system SyncroTESS.

Machine factory Berthold Hermle AG has used SyncroTESS, the cloud-based transport management system, to schedule its internal logistics since 2016. Without high investment costs, the software is replacing the manual transport scheduling. And allowing the specialist machining center manufacturer to make its internal logistics far more efficient and transparent.

“The software allows us to process up to 3000 transport movements per month on time using just two forklift trucks, without our very finely-clocked production sequence coming to a halt due to missing or late materials“, explains Florian Beck, Head of Purchasing at Hermle.

The search for a suitable system had to satisfy a special condition. “We didn’t want to run a complex IT project that would involve, in addition to the software, expensive server installations.“ That’s how Hermle came across the cloud version of the SyncroTESS transport management system. Today, Hermle benefits from the performance features of the software without high investment costs. The company has not only achieved transparency over the entire transport situation. “Because the system helps us allocate transport jobs to the most suitable drivers, we have far fewer no-load runs than before. In addition, deadline compliance has increased and the capacity utilization of our forklift trucks is much better“, explains Mr. Beck, generally satisfied with the new system.


Hermle AG

Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG is a German company and one of the leading manufacturers of milling machines. There are over 20,000 Hermle-manufactured machines in use worldwide. The company is known for its high-quality and high-precision products for industries such as medical engineering, the optical industry, aviation, and the automotive industry as well as their suppliers.



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