INFORM adds a simulation module to its SyncroTESS transport control system

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INFORM extends its SyncroTESS transport control system by adding a module that allows industrial companies to simulate process changes within their intralogistics. This way, companies can quickly and competently adapt their internal logistic processes to changing conditions. With the new simulation module, numerous complex what-if analyses can be performed by SyncroTESS based on data from the live operation. Thus, all processes can be simulated under changed conditions and adapted if necessary.

“With the help of our simulation module, our customers can identify the right leverage points, without additional investment expenses, to optimize the in-plant material flow,” says Matthias Berlit, SVP Manufacturing Logistics Division at INFORM. “Because today, processes are exposed to dynamic influencing factors. Even the smallest changes in production, plant infrastructure or in personnel and equipment can have a major impact on internal logistics. Modern software must therefore offer the possibility of finding the right answer to such changes at an early stage, by means of simulations,” continues Berlit.

With the simulation module, companies have the possibility to use real data to run through entire daily processes under changed conditions. This allows leverage points such as shift intensity, shift times, the traffic network, resources, incoming orders and the associated optimization parameters to be changed. “The planners can then evaluate the results of simulations using clear graphics, and compare them with other simulation runs,” says Berlit. “This way, companies can quickly and competently find the best solution for a changed logistical situation.”


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