INFORM and Ordina Join Forces to Combat Digital Fraud in the Financial Sector

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According to figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS), 35 percent of the Dutch population had to deal with fake payment emails (phishing) and 10 percent were unwittingly redirected to fake payment websites (pharming). In addition, 13 billion euros of criminal money is laundered annually.

This figure stems from research carried out in 2019 by money laundering expert and professor of economics Brigitte Unger of Utrecht University, in collaboration with iCOV, a Dutch fraud expertise center. Financial crime in digital payments is therefore a serious problem for consumers, banks and society. However, losses and the associated suffering can be prevented by setting up targeted fraud and money laundering detection in the digital domain. That is why INFORM and Ordina are joining forces in a Benelux partnership.

Smart Tool Combined with Digital Knowledge and Market Expertise
The RiskShield solution from INFORM ensures the detection and prevention of Financial Economic Crime (FEC) in digital payment transactions. Ordina has knowledge of the financial market, expertise in smart technology and the know-how to implement RiskShield smartly and quickly in the financial sector.

Ordina's CFO Annemieke den Otter: "We have previously successfully completed fraud detection and money laundering projects as a RiskShield (INFORM) partner. The combination of a smart tool with digital knowledge and market expertise made it logical to take the next step. We want to occupy a leading position in the field of fraud detection. Through this partnership with INFORM, Ordina offers an innovative and reliable tool to implement our Fraud Analytics solution for our clients. This enables us to offer a head start in the fight against fraud".

RiskShield Certification and User Group
INFORM's Senior Vice President Risk and Fraud, Roy Prayikulam: "Our partnership with Ordina is a logical choice. We have been working with Ordina's IT specialists for many years and with this step we are strengthening our collaboration". Meanwhile, the first RiskShield certification process has started and will be completed in the next month. "We are looking forward to the first certified RiskShield specialists. They will be part of our FEC expertise team to be deployed by both Ordina and INFORM to combat fraud and money laundering in digital payments”.

In the Netherlands, a RiskShield User Group is currently being created, for which Ordina will organize an annual RiskShield day. In this way, Ordina and INFORM bring clients and experts together to network, exchange experiences and learn from each other.

About Ordina
Ordina is the largest local IT service provider in the Benelux region with approximately 2,650 employees. Our goal is to give customers in the financial services, industry and public sectors a digital edge. We do this by devising, building and managing technological solutions. Ordina helps its customers to stay ahead of the challenges and changes in their business.
Ordina's headquarters are situated in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands. We also have various regional offices in the Benelux region. The company was founded in 1973. Ordina has been listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam since 1987 and is part of the Smallcap Index (AScX). More information is available at



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