INFORM and Passus Combine Technology to Boost Efficiency in Malware Detection and Online Banking Fraud Prevention

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INFORM and Passus, a company specialized in advanced data capture technology and IT network security, announced today the successful implementation of their combined anti-fraud applications at a large financial institution in Poland. This collaboration further strengthens and extends their fraud prevention capabilities by incorporating Passus Ambience with RiskShield; enabling live network streams and data events to be input directly into RiskShield, the multi-channel fraud prevention solution from INFORM.

Banks often face the challenge of obtaining, enriching and delivering relevant web event data from online banking channels. The partnership between Passus and INFORM ensures that data from IT network streams, irrespective of data type, source or communication protocols, are delivered directly to RiskShield in real-time using well-structured XML messages, enabling RiskShield to conduct a real-time fraud evaluation. Banks do not have to develop in-house interfaces. With Ambiance’s unique intuitive product capabilities, any large amount of data can easily be transformed into valuable event and session data.

“With more than 20 years of experience in network security, Passus is an important partner for us in our fight against crime,” says Dr. Andreas Meyer, EVP of INFORM. “We believe that our combined solution will help financial institutions respond to cyber fraud even more effectively and will further safeguard banking customers. The combination of high-quality data delivered from the Passus Ambience solution and RiskShield fraud prevention platform has already started delivering exceptional results as evidenced by its successful implementation at one of the largest online banks in Poland.”

“It is important to react fast to the evolving risk of cybercrime and stop fraud before it happens,” says Tadeusz Dudek, CEO of Passus. “RiskShield is today’s leading fraud detection solution as is evident from their numerous implementations in banking and card services. With Passus technology and INFORM’s leading fraud prevention solution and our first joint success; we are confident that we will quickly gain market traction.”

About Passus SA
Passus SA was established as a result of a spin-off of the Network & Security Department from Passus Ltd. and is operating in the IT sector since 1992. With more than 30 highly qualified professionals specializing in engineering, programming, and IT networks, the Passus Ambience solution offers an innovative software solution that can effectively respond to the latest IT security threats, including monitoring and detection of security events in the network traffic.


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