INFORM controls truck inflow at the Dr. Schneider Group of Companies

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Cost-effective workflows for material deliveries

Innovative ventilation systems, highly-integrated guards, complex modules for instrument panels, center consoles and intelligent storage systems - the Dr. Schneider Group of Companies stands for top class plastic products for the automotive industry. Headquartered in Kronach-Neuses, the company produces at its three German sites and four international plants for renowned car makers such as Audi, Daimler, BMW and Porsche and is currently increasing the volume year on year. This successful company development, however, brings new challenges, above all for the logistics of the incoming and outgoing deliveries. The Dr. Schneider Group is now meeting this challenge with INFORM's SyncroSupply software.

Employees in the Kronach-Neuses plant currently load and unload up to 100 trucks at 22 gates every day. These trucks collect finished accessories for delivery and supply the material required for production. The decision as to which truck is handled when, where and by whom will in future be taken by the schedulers at the Dr. Schneider Group of Companies with the support of SyncroSupply. The intelligent truck inflow control system plans, tracks, controls and optimizes the journey of freight vehicles, from arrival to the loading ramp in the plant.

"Due to a constantly increasing volume of transport, we have reached the capacity limits of our previous workflows and organization", explains Michel Ehrlicher, Head of Plant Logistics at Dr. Schneider. In particular, when the schedule has been postponed due to late arrivals or other unforeseen events. "So we often experienced bottlenecks with high truck throughput times and the associated very high loads and long overtime for employees in the loading and unloading zones." This also made it difficult to optimally coordinate delivery dates with loading and unloading capacities.

Therefore, there were two key requirements in the search for a suitable IT system: First, a time slot management system was to be introduced as the planning basis for material supplies. Second, the system was supposed to support the daily scheduling or loading and unloading processes in realtime, especially for unforeseen events. SyncroSupply, the truck control software, meets both requirements. The intelligent time slot management system permits a higher capacity utilization and reliably compensates load peaks at the loading points. The realtime control system also allows the company to take rescheduling decisions within seconds. As Michel Ehrlicher says, explaining the expectations regarding the system, "SyncroSupply will create absolute transparency over all workflows. Shorter throughput times, lower demurrage requirements and less overtime will make the process as a whole more cost-effective".


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