INFORM ensures modern intralogistics at BUTTING

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INFORM has introduced the transport control system SyncroTESS at BUTTING, a stainless steel processor. BUTTING has to manage and transport a range of goods daily, including the pipes, pipe accessories and stainless steel pipelines that it manufactures. The manufacturer is looking to optimize its internal transport organization using the INFORM software. At its main plant in Knesebeck, BUTTING uses the INFORM system to schedule and assign 16 forklifts, which carry out 3,500 transports per day on the 490,000 square meter site. The software ensures that BUTTING can improve its adherence to delivery dates and supply the individual production areas with the required production materials more quickly. Route optimization also leads to a reduction in transport costs, reduced empty runs and greater transparency when tracking material flow.

"In order to maintain our competitiveness, we have to question what we are used to. Internal transportation was one of the processes we examined, in particular to shorten throughput times," says Jürgen Meinecke, Head of Warehouse, Shipping and Logistics at BUTTING. "By implementing the INFORM software, we have not only achieved this goal. In addition to optimizing transport, we are now also in a position to reduce transport costs and empty trips.”

The high product variety at BUTTING leads to a production with individual work schedules and production sequences. "Internal transport processing is therefore of great importance. For us, efficient production is only possible with modern, flexible intralogistics.", Meinecke continues. Before the system was introduced, there were frequent downtimes and waiting times. "In addition, inaccurate transport orders and incorrect information about the storage location led to a time-consuming search for urgently needed materials.”

With the implementation of the transport control system, BUTTING's intralogistics framework has improved considerably. "At the same time, our employees also had to adapt to changes in working conditions. This was particularly the case for our forklift operators," says Meinecke. Until now, drivers had to monitor radio traffic and decide for themselves which job to accept. Now the INFORM software assigns the transport orders from the various departments to the drivers in a route-optimized manner, while taking priorities into account. Drivers receive the orders via a display and confirm that they have been processed. The system processes the transport orders in real time and recalculates the entire process within a few seconds for each new transport order. "Thanks to the system, we hope to increase the transparency of material flow tracking and reduce production costs," says Meinecke, commenting on the current status of the system installation.


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