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INFORM is excited to announce the addition of Michael Schwemmle and Daniel Gosson to the Manufacturing Logistics Division. 

Michael joins INFORM as Director of Business Development focusing on the automotive industry in both Europe as well as North and Latin America.  Michael brings with him over ten years of industry experience and is knowledgeable in each step of the automotive value stream from raw materials to delivery to the customer.  With a passion for progress, Michael is constantly thinking about how new technology and practices will not only shape the logistics business but also the world.

Daniel joins the Inform team as a consultant specializing in inbound and finished vehicle logistics for North America.  Daniel is tasked with new account creation, project consulting, and marketing tasks within the U.S. and Canadian markets.  Growing up around his family’s car dealership Daniel was well versed in the auto industry before beginning his professional career focusing on supply chain and production planning as a Business Development Manager at flexis North America, Inc.  With a passion for technology and cars, Daniel has the experience and drive needed to continue INFORM’s expansion in the North American Market.

INFORM specializes in supply chain optimization solutions which enable intelligent planning and scheduling decisions in real time. These solutions derive from scientifically based mathematical optimization algorithms stemming from Fuzzy Logic and Operations Research, and are adapted to the respective application field. The deciding intelligence contained in the software optimizes business processes in transport logistics, airport resource management, production and materials and goods management. Today, INFORM’s workforce of over 550 cater to more than 1,000 customers worldwide.  INFORM solutions can be found in container terminals, financial service providers, manufacturing companies, wholesale merchants, storage centers, transshipment hubs, haulers, and in over 165 commercial airports worldwide.


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