INFORM IT-solution powers integrated vehicle storage, preparation and distribution processes at NVD

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NVD, Ireland’s largest provider of finished vehicle logistics services, has adopted a new software solution from INFORM for the end-to-end management of vehicle storage, preparation and distribution operations.

The new system allows every one of the approximately 320,000 vehicles NVD handles every year to be tracked through each stage of the storage, preparation and delivery process. The software improves flow and control of the logistics chain and provides real-time visibility for all stakeholders.

In addition, the advanced planning and optimization capabilities of INFORM’s system have automated many previously manual processes. In compound and workshop operations, for example, vehicle movement schedules are re-optimized every 90 seconds, to maximize operator efficiency and ensure high-priority vehicles are ready for delivery as rapidly as possible. Dealers and other end-customers can now use a web-based portal to get real-time updates on the location and status of vehicles they have ordered, making it easier for them to plan and schedule their own activities.

“Our competitive advantage is the level of integration that we have between the three pillars of our business, which are storage, preparation center work, and transport. We needed a new software platform that could provide the same level of integration,” says Michael Howlin, NVD Head of IT. “The INFORM system has had a transformative effect on the way we plan and execute our operations. We’ve gone from quite a clunky way of doing business to one that’s genuinely fully automated and optimized.”

In June 2018, NVD, INFORM and customer Renault Nissan Alliance Logistics (Europe), received the Finished Vehicle Logistics Magazine High Performance Award, in recognition of a collaborative project that has reduced lead times by 14 days, cut compound and pre-delivery inspection resources by 50 percent and ensured compliance with demanding 98 percent on-time delivery requirements.


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About NVD

NVD is the leading provider of finished vehicle logistics services in Ireland, with a market share of over 75 percent. The company operates facilities adjacent to the ports of Dublin, Cork and Rosslare, with 75 hectares of yard space providing capacity for the storage of 37,000 vehicles. It handles around 400,000 vehicle movements each year, with a significant fraction of those undergoing pre-delivery inspection or modification work prior to delivery to dealerships and end-customers across the country. In 2017, NVD also began to distribute vehicles in the UK.


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