INFORM optimizes time slot management at logistics company Planzer

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The Swiss logistics service provider Planzer AG uses the INFORM IT system to optimize incoming and outgoing goods deliveries.

The Planzer Group is one of the largest logistics companies in Switzerland. About 25,000 consignments are transported by the logistics service provider every day, which is supported by a network of around 60 locations in Switzerland and abroad. Planzer uses INFORM’s truck supply control software SyncroSupply to optimize the processes for incoming and outgoing goods. The first location the software was introduced to is Pratteln in Basel. The Pratteln site has 30 loading ramps where its employees load and unload around 80 trucks and 20 containers - with around 5,000 pallets of a wide variety of goods - every day.
By introducing SyncroSupply, Planzer implements an intelligent time slot management system. In this way, the logistics service provider aims to increase transparency when planning truck journeys and thereby also make the downstream loading and unloading processes more efficient.

“Due to the large number of goods and transports, we often do not know how many trucks will be delivering which goods or picking them up for further transport until on the day itself. This often leads to an inefficient and unnecessarily large amount of work, especially when planning and implementing upstream and downstream processes. Therefore, we decided to introduce SyncroSupply, an efficient time slot management und truck supply control system”, explains Manuel Füllemann, project manager at Planzer.

SyncroSupply’s time slot management function guarantees greater efficiency when planning incoming and outgoing deliveries. Freight forwarders can specify a desired time when booking a time slot via a web portal. The system then checks whether the employees and ramps required for loading and unloading are available in the logistics hub during the desired time period. In coordination with the existing bookings, the software suggests to the freight forwarder either the desired time slot or – if this is already occupied - other realizable time slots.

“This approach means that we can now work out when and which goods are to be delivered or collected sooner and more precisely, even at short notice. This will enable us to plan all processes for loading and unloading much more efficiently," Füllemann continues. Following the successful installation of the system at the Pratteln and Härkingen sites, the software will also be rolled out in Villmergen.


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