INFORM’s GroundStar Supports Haeco in Hong Kong

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HAECO’s Ramp Services department, which supplies aircraft cleaning services at Hong Kong International Airport, has been the first of four departments to implement INFORM’s software solutions for resource planning, workforce management and planning, as well as real-time allocation management.

HAECO made the decision to switch from a partial manual planning and management process to INFORM’s state-of-the-art solution relieves planners and allocators from their routine work using optimization functionality. Since June 2018, the demand and shift planning of about 800 cleaning staff is now being supported by INFORM’s GS WorkforcePlus and GS Planning solutions. Additionally, in November 2018, the real-time management system went live and now facilitates the assigning of cleaning tasks and staff in real-time. Further, a custom adverse weather mode supports allocators during Hong Kong's yearly recurring typhoon season by applying different sets of business rules. “It has been important to us that the system integrates well in our existing environment. The software helps us to improve our performance level and gives us better process control,” states PS Yip, Line Services Manager at HAECO.

With the help of an application programming interface (API), INFORM was able to dynamically integrate the real-time management system with HAECO’s tablet-based communication solution. The adaptability to HAECO’s needs has been key to the successful collaboration between INFORM and HAECO.

HAECO’s Ramp Services department has been the pilot department to implement INFORM’s solutions. While the implementation for Technical Operations (Transit/Cargo Maintenance Services) is already in progress, GSE and Cabin Maintenance will soon follow.

Established in Hong Kong in 1950, HAECO is one of the world’s leading independent aircraft engineering and maintenance groups. It also is one of the largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers in terms of capacity. Through its 17 subsidiaries and joint venture companies around the world, the Group offers a full spectrum of services including airframe services, line services, component services, engine services, inventory technical management, fleet technical management, cabin solutions, private jet solutions, freighter conversion, parts manufacturing and technical training.


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