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Senior Vice President of Aviation, Uschi Schulte-Sasse, reveals how new technologies are helping airports reduce their carbon footprints.

This article first appeared on Regional Gateway.

The pandemic has motivated airports to focus on the optimization of processes and resource management, which in turn is having a significant effect on their overall environmental impact. Among the areas where airports can promote ‘greener’ practices is better management of their ground support equipment (GSE) and greater use of electric or diesel-electric hybrid GSE and passenger transfer vehicles.

INFORM’s planning, real-time allocation and turnaround management solutions are all designed to enhance an airport’s resource management and reduce unnecessary use of passenger transport buses, catering vehicles and loading/unloading equipments, which ultimately results in lower fuel consumption and emissions. Terminal operations also benefit from the planning and real-time allocation solutions of our software suite, GroundStar (GS), which enables airports to implement gate changes that maintain optimum aircraft gate selections. Meanwhile GS GroundFleet allows airport staff to quickly and easily locate various GSE, such as tugs, dollies and high loaders and determine whether they require maintenance.

Our optimization software is designed to help airports plan for the unexpected and optimize their processes and existing resources, while lowering their costs of operation. Our solutions have been implemented at airports around the world of varying sizes. One of the most notable collaborations has been with Frankfurt Airport where the airport has been able to achieve impressive reductions in equipment, maintenance costs and workloads. One report showed the airport had reduced its GPUs from 70 to 64 units and its high loaders from 120 to 118 which led to savings of €770,000 and maintenance savings of €70,000 per annum.

To further demonstrate our all-in commitment to sustainability, INFORM recently joined the German Airport Technology and Equipment (GATE) Association. GATE brings together dozens of industry members including airports, airlines and technology and equipment providers, all working together to discuss future aviation needs and contribute to new industry empowering solutions. We at INFORM are initially providing our expertise in two working groups: one involving autonomous vehicles on the apron and the other focused on all aspects of sustainability. Industry collaboration with all key stakeholders engaged is the key to a successful long-term vision for airports and the broader aviation sector.

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