Material tracking as a starting point for a comprehensive logistics concept

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INFORM has extended the internal material tracking function of its SyncroTESS transport control system. This further development enables manufacturing companies to precisely locate any material on the plant site precisely at any time. Together with a comprehensive transport organization, the expanded material tracking is a further component that should enable companies to implement a material flow concept adapted to the manufacturing processes.

“The starting point for our further development was the observation that many companies are starting with the subject of internal material tracking in preparation for the introduction of a transport control system,” says Matthias Berlit, Senior Vice President Manufacturing Logistics Division at INFORM. The industry is beginning to rethink its process and procedures for efficiency. “Up to now, many companies have treated the topics of material tracking and material flow on the site more subordinate,” continues Berlit. Many companies try to track material movements on their site using conventional ERP systems that only process incoming and outgoing material for accounting purposes. “From a logistical point of view, ERP systems are not suitable for ensuring complete material tracking. Under modern production conditions with ever shorter production and delivery times, it is essential for our customers to know at all times where each material is located. This is the only way companies can ensure a continuous material flow with trouble-free production supply.”

The INFORM software therefore enables end-to-end transparency of all goods transported on the site from receipt of goods to delivery in production. All interim storage areas, buffer locations and production are stored in the system. Each location of a material can be viewed at any time via an ID number. In addition, the system can control transports of both external and internal materials. If required, the software also makes it possible to track containers with picked goods. "A time-consuming material search is no longer necessary," says Berlit.

Complete material tracking is the starting point for a consistent logistic concept tailored to the needs of production. “Our system basically offers transport handling from a single source,” adds Berlit. “In addition to material tracking, our software optimizes the complete transportation processing.” It automatically generates transport orders from production requirements, organizes inbound and outbound deliveries, manages parking spaces and schedules loading and unloading. Considering order priorities, distances, delivery dates and the availability of transport vehicles and loading points, the software assigns each transport order to a suitable driver. “This way, companies synchronize their logistical processes with ongoing production,” states Berlit.


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