Modern Structure, New Focus: Fundamental Changes at INFORM Aviation

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INFORM is breaking new ground. From March 1, 2021, fundamental organizational changes will take effect to meet the demands of more international and individualized clientele. Two new units, new departments and changes in top management are core aspects of this restructuring.

INFORM has made changes to its Aviation division’s current organizational structure. Effective March 1, 2021, Uschi Schulte-Sasse will be the sole Senior Vice President of the INFORM Aviation division. "We planned these changes very carefully and for the long term," Schulte-Sasse explained. "The top priority was that our customers benefit first and foremost. With these changes, we have made INFORM Aviation more fit and resilient for the future."

Thomas Schmidt will remain in the role of Senior Account Executive as a key contact to customers. "Going forward, I will be in close contact with customers and partners worldwide to further increase customer satisfaction with our solutions and services," said Schmidt. The changes also include a reorganization of the division’s internal departments to enable more specific responses to the needs of customers. Heike Engels will head the new "Customer/Market" unit as Vice President providing all services to customers from one unit. Alongside her, Andreas Dollhopf will be Vice President of the new "Products/Solutions" unit managing all aspects of state-of-the-art creation of solutions and products.

The new structure will serve customers and their needs faster and more precisely. A newly established Innovations department within the Products/Solutions unit will ensure that products and solutions are responsive to the latest market challenges, needs and requests. For similar reasons, the Aviation division has established new departments within the Customer/Market unit dedicated to specific geographic regions and operational categories such as North America, Air Cargo and Line Maintenance. This too will help facilitate faster responses, improved support, and specific contacts for customers. At the same time, INFORM Aviation’s policy will enable customers to continue directing all project-related questions to their existing project managers.

"The changes we made are also directed towards facilitating further growth by enhancing our large team of dedicated experts. Our aim is to take a big step forward with the rapid development of our customer markets and needs, as well as to continue our modernization process," emphasized Schulte-Sasse. "With this in mind, we look forward to taking off to new heights together with our customers.”

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