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The INFORM software SyncroTESS has, since 2011, optimized hospital logistics in the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital, and is also used in the new building which houses 750 beds.

The Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital in Villingen-Schwenningen started operations in July 2013 in the new building with 750 beds and a floor space of 46,000 square meters. Instead of three locations, the hospital now only has two: the new centralized hospital in Villingen-Schwenningen and the business premises in Donaueschingen. The Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital is renowned for medical excellence, in most cases on a university level, with highly specialized and pioneering equipment, as well as first-class patient comfort.

The hospital's operational logistics are, amongst others, supported by the INFORM software SyncroTESS: The system has been used since 2011 in the Donaueschingen location and since 2013 in the new central hospital.

"Our objective is to have processes which are as efficient as possible and optimum routes", explains Monika Riedel-Motz, Housekeeping Manager at the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital. "This is quite a challenge given the size of our hospital. Ultimately our transport service takes care of approximately 650 orders every day in the patient and goods logistics area. The transport system supports us in our endeavor to master these tasks punctually and with sound management of resources. It is, however, important to ensure that both the users and the transport service works are thoroughly trained and familiarized with the system."

The software controls both patient logistics and the control system for material transport. SyncroTESS connects an interface to the existing ORBIS hospital information system with all areas in the hospital. Transport service workers communicate with the system using Android smartphones via WLAN. This is how the existing infrastructure in the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital is used, without incurring any additional communication costs.

As the Academic Teaching Hospital of Freiburg University with 25 main departments and two wards, the Schwarzwald-Baar Hospital offers a very wide range of highly specialized departments. With a total of 1065 hospital beds the facility is one of the ten largest non-university hospitals in Baden-Württemberg and one of the 80 largest hospitals in Germany. Per year, it cares for almost 50,000 in-patients and approximately 120,000 out-patients. In order to provide this scope of service, around 2,800 employees are required daily, virtually 2,000 of whom are in the new building.


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