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Self-service cloud version added to INVENT portfolio

Companies are now able to choose from three different INVENT Xpert versions: in-house standard installation, in the cloud as a service, as well as the new self-service cloud version. These three options allow customers to choose the version that best fits the current needs of the company come inventory time.

The new cloud version provides customers with an expanded set of features and allows for the complete stock taking process to be independently conducted in the cloud. Aside from a favorable pricing structure, the self-service cloud version also provides customers with some distinct advantages including zero installation and maintenance costs as well as easy online access using a conventional browser and/or mobile devices from all over the world. Furthermore, customers will always work with the most recent release and will thus enjoy the benefits of the products latest technological developments.

Ludger Schuh, head of the Inventory and Supply Chain Division at INFORM GmbH says, “The new cloud version is not simply an update to the service-version, but rather a completely new development, incorporating new technologies. We have used the experience gained over the last two years of offering INVENT in the cloud as a service to develop this new fully functional self-service inventory sampling tool in the cloud.”

The new fully functional self-service cloud version will be officially introduced at the LogiMAT 2013 in Stuttgart.


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