Protecting Elderly People from Financial Abuse: A Successful Use-Case with Rabobank

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Financial abuse of elderly people has become an increasing problem in our digital lives. New and advanced technologies, such as online banking services can make it difficult for seniors to know who to trust and what is safe. In some situations, they have to trust on family, friends or care-takers to support them in managing their financials.

Rabobank has developed an Award-Winning application with RiskShield to detect unusual behavior of elderly people to protect them from abusers. They have developed a sophisticated decision model based on artificial intelligence and machine learning to alert potential threat of scams, fraud and financial exploitation.

This video shows a perfect case example on how financial institutions, like Rabobank, are using INFORM's fraud management technology to develop new application areas to safeguard their client base.

Watch the video below and learn more about how Rabobank is pushing the boundaries of duty care, and deliver innovative solutions with RiskShield to protect their seniors from financial exploitation.

RiskShield is an AML Compliance and Fraud Management solution developed by INFORM for banking, payment service providers, and the insurance industry.

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